1. curtdogg:

    Charles Martinet just joined Vine, and it’s already the best thing.

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    Sonic The Hedgehog OVA - Metal Sonic

    I would love to see someone draw all of these scenes.

    I’m gonna do it. Just watch me.

    That would be the best. I watched the Sonic OVA so many times as a kid, just because of Metal Sonic, haha.

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  3. mopinks:


    Link, Isabelle, and more coming to Mario Kart 8 ⊟

    What. Not sure if this reveal was accidental, but Nintendo UK’s official site posted listings for two upcoming downloadable content packs for Mario Kart 8.

    The Zelda pack, coming this November, includes:

    • 3 Characters: Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, Link
    • 4 Vehicles (is that a Blue Falcon from F-Zero?)
    • 8 Courses (including an F-Zero stage!)

    The Animal Crossing pack isn’t due until May 2015:

    • 3 Characters: Villager, Isabelle, Dry Bowser
    • 4 Vehicles
    • 8 Courses (an Animal Crossing stage, yay!)

    Each pack is priced at £7.00 or the UK, or around $11.60. The listings note, “As a bonus for purchasing both packs - as a bundle or separately - you can get eight different-coloured Yoshis and eight different-coloured Shy Guys that can be used right away.”

    BUY Mario Kart 8, Mario Kart 7, upcoming games

    dear LORD

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  4. http://awkwardarbor.tumblr.com/post/91564360157/theoldaeroplane-canadiansonganon-i-fucked




    i fucked up, folks

    anyone know how to get blood out of shirts and carpets?

    awkwardarbor this seems like your bag

    dont die vall

    Is it wet, or is it set in?

    If its still wet then cold water and a dry towel might be enough. Specifically cold…

    Cold water and hydrogen peroxide should do it. :)

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  6. wtf is going on with her legs when she walks

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  7. moosekleenex:

http://taryntaryn.tumblr.com/ Thanks for putting up with me.


    http://taryntaryn.tumblr.com/ Thanks for putting up with me.

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  8. I think I’d tweak the sizes of some of those pieces, but..

    I think I’d tweak the sizes of some of those pieces, but..

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  9. spooking-not-treating:


    I get a lot of people assuming I’m from America when they meet me on tumblr. I wanna see how many people here aren’t American!


    Canadian living in the USA - I count, right? :P

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